YTKB Central System Stoker Boiler with Ash Discharger | Prismatic

This type of boilers are operated using fuels such as bagasse, hazelnut coal and hazelnut shells which have high calorie value as well as they are economical.

It delivers up to 35% fuel economy by its down-feed system; amount of waste materials is reduced by 30%.

Combustion chamber of our high efficiency boiler are cast type and of chrome alloy. Wearing is reduced to minimum by this means.

All equipments of the device are operated automatically over the digital control unit; this unit ensures electric and fuel economy. Furthermore, completely burned coal is discharged by the ash discharge spiral, thus easy maintenance is facilitated for the boiler. By this means, all of the coal in the pot is burned completely.

Its usage, adjustments and maintenance is easy. It delivers a problem-free operation provided that fuels (bagasse, hazelnut coal and hazelnut shells) recommended by the manufacturer are dry used.

Fans used for the boilers are revolution and valve adjusted.

Technical data
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